Organic Essential Oil Ylang Ylang




With this you can:

Increase your sex drive

By mixing 2 drops of Ylang Ylang and Lavender oil with a carrier oil and massaging on your body, you can increase your libido

Lower your blood pressure

Massage 1 drop over your heart area daily to reduce your blood pressure

Nourish your skin by softening and hydrating it

Just dilute 2 drops of Ylang Yglan oil with a carrier oil and massage it onto your face daily.

Increase the thickness of  your hair

Mix 4 drops into your shampoo or condition before washing your hair, or dilute 3 drops with coconut oil and massage your scalp.

Balance your hormones

Apply 2 drops onto your wrists and rub them together.


In this modern age, our daily lives are filled with so much hustle and bustle that the thought of sitting down, relaxing, and unwinding seems like an unaffordable luxury. That is regardless of the fact that if we did that we would be ready, recuperated, and able to do more the next day.

Therefore, in order to attain that euphoric feeling of carefree comfort, your best bet is Afida’s Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. With only a click of a button, you can have your absolutely essential experience of ecstatic relaxation on its way to being delivered to your doorstep.

That means with Afida’s ylang-ylang oil, you can decompress after a long day work by lightening your mood, or create an emotional balance with its aroma and let it consume you in comfort. Basically, you can get all the benefits of having a masseuse without dealing with the hassle.

Crafted with great care, and mixed together from all-natural ingredients, the ylang-ylang essential oil comes with an extra bonus, and that bonus is providing your skin with protection from all kinds of pathogens that can cause problems. What more could you ever ask for?

Use this so you can:

Fight your depression aromatically

Strengthen your nervous system aromatically

Create and maintain an emotional balance aromatically

Without it costing a fortune


    • Aroma: Floral, Sweet
    • Botanical Name: Cananga odorata
    • Color: Clear
    • Consistency: Thin
    • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
    • Note: Base, Middle
    • Size: 15ml
    • Geographic Origin: Madagascar

    Our Guarantee

    At Afida we truly believe in producing oils that are extracted using methods that ensure the highest quality yield, in accordance with global standards set anywhere in the world. All of our formulas and ingredients are cutting edge, keeping in mind the demands of an essential oil user.

    Because our customers have, and will always remain our first priority - if for some reason your customer experience has been hampered through our website or any other element related to it, we are going to make sure that the problem is sorted.

    People are often hesitant to buy essential oils online because of the uncertainty of the product. We can assure you that we aim at delivering on a level of excellence that we set for ourselves, and the goods and services we provide to you will never fall short of that aim.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


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