Frankincense Organic Essential Oil




With this you can:

Get rid of your wrinkles and reverse aging

Just by diluting 2 drops with an equal amount of carrier oil and massaging on your wrinkles.

Move around easily by relieving arthritis and sore muscles

By simply diluting 4 drops with a carrier oil and applying it on the affected area.

Breathe in the fresh air freely by unclogging your respiratory tract

Just mix 3 drops with an equal amount of carrier oil (eg. coconut oil) and rub on your chest.

Rid yourself of any acne, blackheads, bumps, or marks on your skin of any kind

Dilute 4 drops with a carrier oil (eg. almond or coconut oil) and apply the mixture on your marks.


Clear skin is something that all of us desire, but only a few ever attain. Every day is filled with hurdles that hold us back from having that perfect radiant look. In our modern-day and age, our skin encounters many impurities and pathogens that, if not addressed, will begin to take a toll in the form of acne or other marks.

Instead of addressing the issue we try so many short term solutions that work only temporarily. Meanwhile, since our skin isn’t being properly cared for, it begins to become more deformed.

Having thought all of this through, Afida came up with the perfect solution! That is the Organic Essential Frankincense Oil, which acts as a miraculous all-in-one skin ointment - and more! Nourish, brighten, and rejuvenate your skin to make yourself glow with Afida’s Organic Essential Frankincense Oil!

Use this so you can:

Keep your skin healthy naturally for years to come

Always look fresh in your photos

Smile without having to worry about wrinkles

Hang with your friends without covering up marks

All the while, staying organic and healthy

Without it costing a fortune


    • Aroma: Woody, Spicy 
    • Botanical Name: Boswellia serrata
    • Color: Pale Yellow
    • Consistency: Thin
    • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
    • Note: Base
    • Size: 15ml
    • Geographic Origin: India

    Our Guarantee

      At Afida we truly believe in producing oils that are extracted using methods that ensure the highest quality yield, in accordance with global standards set anywhere in the world. All of our formulas and ingredients are cutting edge, keeping in mind the demands of an essential oil user.

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      People are often hesitant to buy essential oils online because of the uncertainty of the product. We can assure you that we aim at delivering on a level of excellence that we set for ourselves, and the goods and services we provide to you will never fall short of that aim.

      Hope you have a wonderful day.


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