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Do you long to have the perfect beard? Is it beard patchy, dry and stubbly? Afida beard essential oil has a solution! Our 100 percent organic formula contains a blend of oils like castor and cedarwood which help thicken and darken your hair at the root. The cool sensation of peppermint in the oil will not only awaken your hair follicles but also bring direct blood flow to the root of the hair allowing for faster growth.

Your beard is like an important relationship: it requires attention, care, and maintenance. You need to trim the parts that are growing too long and shave the ones that shouldn’t be growing at all. If you want to have a thick and luscious beard, you also need to pamper it with organic beard growth oil.

Of course, there is no better oil out there for your beard besides Afida’s beard essential oil. It’s made from a blend of many oils, such as castor and cedarwood oil. The aim for this oil was to make it able to nourish hair follicles on the face, all the way to the root. Another key effect it has is promoting blood circulation wherever you apply it, making for even better nourishment and faster hair growth.


Apply a few drops of Afida organic beard growth oil on to the palm of your hands, massage the oil for 2 to 3 mins into your beard. Style as usual and enjoy the fresh scent.



  • helps cure acne
  • lifts and tightens the skin slowing down signs of aging,
  • helps reduce scarring and dark spots on the face
  • reduces the appearance of large pores.
  • Kills bacteria off your beard


    • Stimulates the hair follicle and increases circulation to the scalp
    • Helps fight against eczema that can cause an itchy beard
    • Prevents skin from cracking and peeling in the winter months
    • Contributes to hair growth and prevents hair loss, alopecia and thinning  of your beard
    • Defends your body from toxins, kills germs from your beard and boost your immune system at the same time
    • Also helps relieve stress as an added bonus


      With this you can:

      Contribute more to your beard growth

      Using this blend oil twice or thrice a week promotes blood circulation around your face optimizing your beard growth.

      Increase your beard thickness

      Your hair length and density affect your look, but individual hair thickness also affects your look more. This blend oil thickens hair shafts individually, giving you a fuller head of hair.

      Cure your acne

      Since this is a blend oil, it has many ingredients each rife with their own benefits. One just so happens to reduce the inflammation on your face and clear your acne.

      Lift up your sagging skin and wrinkles

      The oils blended to create this beard oil are incredibly effective at erasing wrinkles and tightening up sagging skin

      Reduce dark spots and scarring

      Certain oils that are great for your skin are included in this blend oil, and they are great at fading away dark spots and scarring

      Reduce the appearance of large pores

      It is the pores of your skin that allow you to sweat, but if they ever get clogged up, that’s how you get pimples. This oil prevents that by shrinking them, not allowing anything to get in there.

      Fight eczema which can cause an itchy beard

      Many of the ingredients used in this blend oil have multiple purposes, and many of them are great at targeting eczema and eliminating it completely.


        • Organic Castor Oil
        • Organic Jojoba Oil
        • Organic Frankincense Oil
        • Organic Cypress Oil
        • Organic Cedarwood Oil
        • Organic Peppermint Oil
        • Organic Lavender Oil
        • Bottle Size: 30 ml

        Our Guarantee

        At Afida we truly believe in producing oils that are extracted using methods that ensure the highest quality yield, in accordance with global standards set anywhere in the world. All of our formulas and ingredients are cutting edge, keeping in mind the demands of an essential oil user.

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        People are often hesitant to buy essential oils online because of the uncertainty of the product. We can assure you that we aim at delivering on a level of excellence that we set for ourselves, and the goods and services we provide to you will never fall short of that aim. Afida is the best place to buy essential oils for beard growth. 

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