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Have you come across a scent that just completely takes you off your feet? There are many scents that have this aura about them. In search of this dreamy sensation Afida went in search from one horizon to another and managed to put together a scent - something that not only takes you off your feet with its aroma but also helps to give you this sensation of calm and relief while helping boost your confidence.

Made from all natural ingredients, Afida has put together the Clary Sage Essential Oil that is made from a mix of different scents altogether. The organic clary sage oil is designed to help people calm their nerves, get rid of depression and get rid of anxiety. The other benefits of clary sage essential oil include improvement in memory and boost in confidence.

How to Use?

The clary sage essential oil can either be inhaled directly or through a diffuser.

Usage & Benefits


Add 3 drops of clary sage oil to your diffuser or inhale directly from the bottle.

  1. Relieves depression, stress, and anxiety
  2. Improves memory
  3. Boosts confidence


Soothe sore muscles and cramps.
Dilute 5 drops with an equal amount of carrier oil (eg. coconut oil) and gently massage onto the muscles.

Relieve menstrual cramps, pain and induce a late period.
Dilute 3 drops with a carrier oil (eg. coconut oil) on the lower back and lower abdomen.

Balance hormones.
Dilute 4 drops with an equal amount of carrier oil and apply onto soles of the feet or onto the wrist.

Relieves bloating and indigestion:
Dilute 2 drops with almond oil and massage onto your stomach in a circular motion.

Reduce skin rashes.
Dilute 3 drops with a carrier oil and apply on the rash.

Product Information

  • Aroma: Herbaceous, Earthy
  • Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea
  • Color: Clear
  • Consistency: Thin
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
  • Note: Middle
  • Size :15ml
  • Geographic Origin: China

Our Guarantee

We truly believe that the oils we produce are of the highest standards that are being set anywhere around the world. All of our formulas and ingredients are up to date and have been created keeping in mind the demands of a modern day essential oils user. 

If for some reason your customer experience has been hampered through our website or any other element related to it. We are going to make sure that the problem has been taken care of because our customers have and will always remain our first priority.

People are often hesitant to buy essential oils online because of some of their past experiences. However, we can assure you that we aim at delivering on a level of excellence that we set for ourselves and the services provided to you can be nothing less than that.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


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