Hormone Balancing Organic Oil Package

Hormone Balancing Organic Oil Package

Hormonal imbalances affect millions of women with symptoms such as changes in weight, anxiety menstrual irregularities, and infertility. Today, the two main culprits behind it are stress and toxic chemicals which have become part of the modern lifestyle and the urban lifestyle choices.
Afida's Hormone Balancing Organic Oil Package is designed to help you relax, get better sleep, and uplift your mood so your body can naturally fight everyday stress, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance.
These oils will help balance your hormones and keep your cortisol levels in check. It’s hard enough to deal with life's everyday stress, let the oils do the work one inhalation at a time.
Order our Afida 4-Essential Oil Package today and help your body balance the hormone levels for a better life!

Usage & Benefits

This package includes four organic oils:
Organic Clary Sage Oil has been used to help women combat painful cramps, balance mood swings and bloating. High levels of estrogens are known to cause POS and infertility issues, clary sage helps regulate estrogens levels and prevent such conditions.
Organic Ylang Ylang Oil has the ability to stimulate a sluggish sex drive and give you a jump start in the bedroom, know as a natural aphrodisiac Ylang Ylang helps balance your hormones and lift your mood.
Organic Geranium Oil combats depression and mood swings caused by PMS. It manages chronic fatigue and exhaustion and lifts your mood.
Organic Lavender Oil is great for helping with pain relief caused by PMS also fighting depression and negative emotions.


    • Organic Clary Sage Oil - 15 ml
    • Organic Ylang Ylang Oil - 15 ml
    • Organic Geranium Oil - 15 ml
    • Organic Lavender Oil - 15 ml

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