One of my youngest memories of my mother, was her obsession with organic products, long before they ever surfaced on the mainstream. I never quite connected or appreciated, the importance and effects of organic farming until a later stage of life, despite the lessons my mom tried to teach me about organic products. I never had the need for it, I never dived more deeply to understand her ‘why’ behind her beliefs. It wasn’t until I was 30 years old and pregnant with my 3rd child when I started to go through a whirlwind of changes from hormonal issues, severe hair loss, back pains and spasms. I literally was crawling from room to room, crying myself to sleep every night, and praying to God, "why is this happening to me".

Naturally, my first step was visiting my doctor, paying for all kinds of prescriptions, only to end up with no results and worsening condition. I soon found myself transition my pain into anger, I was completely fed up with all of it. Refusing to go on living in the same condition, I began focusing on remedies, researching natural ways to heal myself, while keeping my child in my womb, strong and unharmed.

I became obsessed with my research, thoroughly going through all the material, from others personal experiences, accredited articles and much more. As a result, from all the natural health remedies, the only result I found to help me most, was the use of essential oils. Like all my previous experiences, I was skeptical about how effective essential oils could be.

I began with my first peppermint oil placing it on my back, and was truly shocked from the relief I instantly felt from the pain. Finally feeling encouraged, I began to learn how to mix the oils and use them in combination. I had even used the oils on my kids when they got sick and it helped. I began to quickly notice that I had to purchase from 10 different companies, as the quality of oil from one brand was never consistent. This led to the birth of Afida. After years of remedies and proven results, I decided to research and open my own essential oil company, which would provide everyone with organic quality oils, all from one brand. You can see this is more of a confession, than a company story. There was no glamour, no pretty picture, just a pregnant woman crying on the floor, in search for help.

As beautiful as a success story is nice to listen to, the reality of experiences is far more important. All I had was a passion and a desire to help people, to better their health. After sourcing our oils, my partners ran their numbers and were adamant that this business model would not work. They refused my organic oil, because it was too expensive and not profitable. They insisted for me to sleep on the thought of selling conventional oils, in order to increase our profits. I went home, and couldn’t sleep, Having flashbacks of the terrible states I used to be in, it was an easy decision to stay true to the purpose of Afida and not stray away from my intentions. I called the business partners and refused their offer and their money.

I am glad I didn’t take the root of compromising anything and for Afida to happen, it would have to happen on my terms. My mother, the one who introduced me to organic products, became my largest advocate in my mission, lending me what I needed, combined with every penny in my bank account, to get Afida up and running. You see, essential oils are so potent and pure, if you use pesticide, and chemicals, the oil loses all its natural effect. It was a challenge to make organic oils affordable, but I was able to find a way to source the best oils with amazing quality, all without focusing on placing a priority on creating a profit-driven company.

Two years later, Afida offers the highest quality of Organic Essential Oils available and it's affordable for everyone. Looking back, I was grateful for my struggle, that something pure rose from it. I never gave up I was able to heal my back, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, and was able to walk out of the hospital with no help. It’s those moments that remind us that no cost or profit can make miracles happen.

The most important lesson I learned was from my mother, to stay strong, to stay true to myself, and to never compromise on my beliefs, no matter how tempting it may be. She gave me the foundation. I am a mother, with a passion for helping others, I am Afida. Every review, message and testimonials that I receive, feels great to know Afida is making a difference in our customer's life.
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