Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oil



Every day there are new medical breakthroughs, easing the recovery process of many ailments. When it comes to natural medicine, Eucalyptus is no new name in the field. It’s therapeutic properties help fight many respiratory conditions like the common cold and flu.


Usage & Benefits


  1. Add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil to your diffuser or inhale directly from the bottle.
  1. Purifies air and kills mold
  2. Relieves respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis
  3. Kills bacteria and viruses from cold and flu
  4. Removes odors from pets, cooking, and waste


Reduce cold and flu symptoms like congestion and stuffy nose. 
dilute 2 drops with a carrier oil and rub onto your chest.

Relieve sinus and allergies. 
Apply 2 drops in between your eyebrows and on the bridge of your nose.

Moisturize hair. 
Dilute 3 drops with equal amounts of carrier oil (eg. coconut oil) and massage throughout your hair.

Kill bacteria and heal wounds.
Apply 1 to 2 drops directly on affected area.


    • Aroma: 
      Camphorous, Woody

    • Botanical Name: 
      Eucalyptus globulus

    • Color: 

    • Consistency: 

    • Extraction Method: 
      Steam Distillation

    • Note: 

    • Size: 

    • Geographic Origin: 

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