Your Personal Guide to Healing Essential Oils

February 07, 2019

Your Personal Guide to Healing Essential Oils

Intro to Alternative Medicine

Back in the wild west days, before law enforcement and government regulation swooped over the entire continent, and then the world, there existed many shady businessmen and hucksters that went around claiming to have cures to any ailment or malady. Some went beyond that, and claimed to sell something bottled up from the fountain of youth; something that would give the user an eternal life. These frauds, known as snake oil salesman, were drifters that had to go from town to town in order to avoid being caught by people they had fooled.

In today’s world, there is no place for these snake oil salesmen. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more frauds roaming around selling fraudulent goods that make things go from bad to worse. In fact, in today’s world it might be said that the frauds aren’t roaming, but that they’re ruling. I am speaking of course, about big pharmaceutical companies. Their influence spans far and wide over the government, and into our daily lives.

The Problem With Traditional Medicine

Big pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that even for the slightest sneeze or the quietest cough that you need to have a handful of pills shoved down your throat. Not to say there is no place for pharmaceutical drugs in the medical world, indeed they are essential, and the key to the growing lifespan of humanity. The issue comes when they are used to treat every little ailment. It’s like dropping a nuclear bomb on a gas station robbery. The cure itself is far too powerful for the ailment, to the point where it can cause your body to become dependent, therefore weaker.

Here is the truth. Many of the little ailments that cause you to suffer can simply be shrugged off. It might take a while, but that’s how it’ll be. After all human beings can get used to almost anything. If you really want to be completely unhindered by those little ailments that trouble frequently, the correct way to go about them is by using some natural organic essential oil, made by Afida. It is a remedy that is perfectly suited, and of the correct intensity for maladies that come up on a frequent basis.


The Right Remedy

No more do you need to be prescribed something that’ll drug you up by some doctor. Neither will you have to go to the glorified pill counters known as pharmacist, and wait for them to hand you some medicine that will sedate you to treat your common cold.

With Afida’s essential oils, it’s as easy as opening up the bottle and inhaling the aroma. The effects are instant, and there are many different kinds of oils that are used for various means. From skin care to joint aches, including everything in between, can be taken care of with natural organic essential oils. Allow me to explain further.

There are many different types of oils made by Afida that all have different effects. For example, take rose geranium oil. If you inhale its smell, which is quite pleasant, it will relax your mind and put you at ease. It will also kill any respiratory infections. If used topically and applied to the skin, it can get rid of saggy skin, heal cuts, fade scars and also as a slight natural painkiller to wherever it’s applied.

Another incredibly popular essential oil you will have heard of is Afida’s lavender oil. It can be  used topically to treat burns or cuts similar to the rose geranium oil, but it takes it a step further and works great topically for headaches and migraines. All the user has to do is apply a drop or two on their temples and rub them a little. The relief will come sooner than expected.

Similarly, there are many other oils that all have various uses and benefits. Eucalyptus oil will slap the sense out of any common cold or flu that dares to trouble you, and so will grapefruit oil. Bergamot oil makes for a great deodorant to combat body odor, in case you are sensitive to synthetic additives used to make regular deodorant. Finally, there are also oils like rosemary oil, which are a miracle for those who suffer from joint pains.

There you have it. While this isn’t a complete list of the many different oils you can use to enhance yourself for your daily life, it should serve the purpose of making you realise how beneficial these oils can be; especially when compared to the drugs that are pushed by big pharmaceutical companies that do more harm than good. If your curiosity is at all piqued by the many benefits of Afida’s natural essential organic oils, be sure to get some immediately. It is a decision you will not regret.

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