July 09, 2019

Why You Should Nourish Your Hair With Hair Oil

Your hair is an essential part of how you feel about yourself. It’s for that reason that you should treat it well with essential hair growth oil. If you don’t take care of it, you can experience all sorts of undesirable effects - from dandruff to going bald!

Although you may find it hard to believe, caring for your hair can be a lot tougher than it sounds. It is really a lot of maintenance, and an organic hair growth oil could make it a lot easier.

Let’s briefly mention a few things that you need to keep on top of to take care of your hair:

Maintaining Optimum Vitamin Levels - A, D, E, K

      Your hair thrives on vitamins, but it can be hard to maintain optimum levels. The reason for that is because the sources for all of these vitamins can be so varied.

      It’s hard for most people to fit all the different foods in which all of these vitamins are found. Also, if you are lacking a significant amount of any single vitamin, your hair can be affected severely

      Maintaining Optimum Mineral Levels - Zinc

        Regardless of how healthy of a lifestyle you live, if you lost all your minerals you would find yourself in a very bad situation. One of the most important minerals for our health is zinc.

        If Having a deficiency of zinc can mean a lot of bad things for your health, but what may be the worst is that you will most likely start experiencing hair fall!

        In the light of all these hurdles you need to jump over to take care of your hair, you may feel a bit discouraged, It is for that reason you need to know exactly why you should nourish your hair with Afida’s hair oil!

        Afida’s Organic Essential Hair Oil

        In order to grow your hair so that it can be long, shiny and thick in the easiest way possible, you should try Afida’s organic essential oil. It blends oil that is made using the best carrier oils for your hair’s nourishment.

        Let’s go through some of the greatest about this organic hair growth oil:

        It is a Blend Oil!

        In case you don’t know, blend oils are a mixture of many different essential oils. Through the process of mixing different essential oils, their benefits are able to be stacked. That means they support and reinforce each other.

        For example, Afida’s hair growth oil has ylang-ylang oil as well as coconut oil. Coconut oil removes excess buildup of sebum (which is produced from your skin) and one of the benefits of ylang-ylang oil is how it balances oil production for all skin types.

        This means that both of these benefits stack on top of each other and reinforce each other. Also, these are just one benefits from each of the ingredients. Each essential oil has multiple benefits for your hair, and there are many essential oils blended into this hair oil!

        Although it would be very informative to go over the many benefits of the various essential oils in this essential hair growth oil, it would quickly become tedious and redundant. Instead, it is better to go over the benefits in terms of hair growth, thickness, strength.

        Hair Growth

          When it comes to aiding in hair growth, there are quite a few different hair oils that are mixed into this blended oil that can help with that. First and foremost, there is Cypress oil. Cypress oil aids in hair growth by increasing blood circulation to wherever it is applied and the extra blood circulation helps promote hair growth.

          Another amazing contributor to hair growth that is within this organic hair growth oil is mustard oil. It contains vitamin A, which is essential for hair growth.

          Hair Thickness

            Ylang-ylang oil is a big contributor to the hair thickness you’ll experience once you use Afida’s hair oil. A major factor for hair thickness is how moisturized it is! The reason for that is because moisturized hair tends to feel denser and fuller.

            The Frankincense and Bergamot oil within this blend oil bond together perfectly and will be able to keep your hair fresh all day, every day. Also, mustard oil’s vitamins also play a huge role in facilitating hair thickness.

            Hair Strength

              Speaking of moisturizing, let’s talk about how it also contributes to hair strength. Well, moisturized hair is like a well-watered plant. It is strong from roots, up along to the top. That is why the Frankincense and Bergamot oil are really great contributors to this essential hair growth oil’s capability for strengthening hair.

              Another great, albeit roundabout way this hair oil makes your hair much stronger, is by making it silky! I know that may sound confusing but think about it like this. The silkier your hair is, the less likely it is to snag on something and get caught and pulled.

              Miscellaneous Benefits that Make You Feel Better

              If you thought that that was all Afida’s essential hair growth oil could do for you, well it would be hard to hold it against you. So many benefits have been listed that it’s easy to think that that’s all of them, however, it’s only just the start.

              As stated before there are many many ingredients, each with multiple effects. Although a lot of them can be grouped into what they can do for your hair, there’s still a lot more left unsaid benefits that you need figure out by just trying the hair oil.

              A couple of examples of these miscellaneous benefits that make you feel better are the effect of almond oil, for example, which helps reduce scalp inflammation. There’s also geranium, of which the major effects have already been mentioned, but you still don’t know how its heavenly smell can make you feel so relaxed.

              All in All

              When it comes down to it, you really need to treat your hair right. If you don’t give it the attention it deserves while you can, you may not be able to save it if something unfortunate were to happen later.

              With all of that, you now know why you need to nourish your hair with Afida’s hair oil.

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