Use This Organic Miracle to Get Rid of Back Pain

March 07, 2019

Use This Organic Miracle to Get Rid of Back Pain


All of us are practically superheroes throughout our day to day lives. The way we toil to be able to put clothes on our back, food on our plates, and a roof over our heads. Every day is filled with villains we must defeat, weather it’s our college assignment or a task at work that seems insurmountable. Somehow, throughout it all, we become Superman and Superwoman and persevere through the day. Unless you have back pain.

You see, there is nothing more debilitating and back pain. Other ailments can cause you pain, put hurdles in your way, make you feel defeated and unable to rely on yourself, but back pain makes you go through all those emotions and feelings at once. Everything seems out of your control and makes you feel helpless. If only there were some essential oils for back pain.


Treatment for back pain, unfortunately isn’t easy to pull off. The best most doctors can do for you is prescribe you opiate painkiller pills that will take away your will to get better. Instead you will grow dependant on the opiates and slowly but surely begin to care less and less about yourself, and how you got yourself into the situation. The only salvation that will matter to you is the pills that take away the pain that refuses to leave your back.

Some other doctors can “help” you a bit more though. They can give you injections along the base of your spine that will completely numb the pain. That way, you can enjoy the despair you find yourself in, induced by the pills, whilst also having lost control of arguably the most important part of your body.

This path, though it sounds fantastical, is in fact reality for a large swaths of humanity. This describes the opiate epidemic that has been plaguing middle America for years now, slowly claiming more lives either from addiction or overdose. It is very unfortunate that few who find themselves along that path ever get to make it out.

Some others recommend treatments like acupuncture, heating pads, spinal cord stimulators and ect ect. The truth about treatments like this is that they aren’t as effective as you would like. The most beneficial out of all of these would be stretching, and you can only take that so far. Plus, when you already have back pain, doing any kind of stretching to begin with is near impossible. Stretching might be a good preventative measure but it is by no means a cure.

What Can You Do?

The question anyone would ask next is what can be done? Is there an alternative that won’t reap your soul in order for you to get relief from the devastating back pain? As it turns out, you're in luck. If you’re looking for essential oils for back pain, introduce yourself to Afida’s organic rosemary essential oil. Most of us have probably only heard of Rosemary as some kind of tasty Italian herb. That is the beginning of the magic of the Rosemary herb. As an oil, the uses and benefits are taken to the next level.

Aromatically, Afida’s rosemary oil will relieve stress, give your memory a slight boost, help you fight fatigue so you do not feel lazy all the time, and finally it will increase your capability for concentration. If you think that is ridiculous, wait until you hear this. Topically using it will provide another world of benefits you might have never seen coming. First of all, it can strengthen your hair and also prevent it from greying. Who doesn’t like that?

Afida’s rosemary oil will also relieve you completely from headaches if just a couple of drops are massaged onto your temple. It can also boost your immune system if mixed with a carrier oil and massaged onto your neck. Finally, Rosemary Oil will detoxify your liver and gallbladder if diluted with carrier oil and massaged directly over the area where these organs are. All of these are still besides the point though.

You haven’t even gotten to the best and most effective use of rosemary oil, and that is using it to relieve body pain, because when it comes to essential oils for back pain, nothing beats what Afida has to offer. This can be especially useful for those who are suffering from issues like arthritis, or an injured back, but do not want to rely so much on harsh pharmaceutical painkillers that make the user dependant on them. Afida’s rosemary oil can be the direct cause of relief to millions. Go online to see if you or a loved one is facing an issue that can be solved by one of Afida’s many and versatile essential oils.

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