The Various Causes of Hair Loss & Their Remedy

April 10, 2019

Why do you lose hair? Is this something you’ve ever asked yourself? When it comes to hair loss causes in females, the list of answers is long, vague and confusing. Trying to figure out the cause and remedy to one of the worst problems you might have to deal with should not be so much like dealing an enigma. So here are the various causes for hair issues, and how to remedy them.

Hereditary Causes

The first cause for hair loss in females can simply be the fact that it’s hereditary. When something is hereditary it means that it is passed down through a person entire family history. This type of hair loss takes a long time to start becoming prominent, however, it is permanent. That means that it will take a very long time to be noticed, maybe even years; but once it begins there’s no stopping it.


These next couple of causes will really make you question why do you lose hair. The reason is that the next couple of causes are the kinds that affect more than just your hair. Hormones are used by our body in order to regulate many, many, MANY complicated bodily functions. A couple of the complicated functions your hormones regulate are related to your hair. Unlike other causes, when you experience hair loss due to hormonal causes it could be, either temporary or permanent.

Another kind of cause for hair loss that is hard to get a grasp on is stress. Everyone has sources of stress in their lives, but it is surprising how often hair loss causes in females can be pinned to stress. This is not incredibly surprising or anything, as women go through a lot of stress and hormonal changes. The perfect examples for that are pregnancy, childbirth, and also to a certain extent, childcare. Of course, not every woman has a child, so the source of stress can be something else. Regardless, it is a cause that is often overlooked.


Another tragic reason for hair loss can be medication. Certain drugs that are used to treat diseases and ailments are incredibly strong, and the effects of them on the body can be felt far beyond just the treatment. For example, chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer patients cause their users to lose their hair almost all the time. In the case of cancer, hair loss is a small price to pay to have a better quality of life, or an extended period of life, through medication. Unfortunately, though, there are many other ailments for which the medications are hair loss causes in women. These range from arthritis, depression, heart conditions, high blood pressure, and gout.

Afida - The Remedy

You should think of your hair like a garden. What matters about how it grows is the sustenance it’s getting from underneath. What matters is your lifestyle - that’s what regulates your hair. Though that’s the oldest line from the oldest book, it holds some truth. Unfortunately, there are still many conditions where regardless of lifestyle, hair loss seems to be unavoidable.

For those moments, Afida’s organic essential blend oil for hair growth is the solution! The oils blended to make the hair growth oil are obtained using the highest quality method of extraction in order to yield the best product possible. The hair oil is ensured to be beneficial for hair growth, feel, volume, length, thickness, AND hair loss!

Not only is this the perfect thing to use to scare off hair loss before you ever have to deal with it, but it is also great to deal with ongoing hair loss. As long as the type of hair loss that is not permanent; the tables can be turned and your hair can make an astonishing comeback, in better condition than ever before.

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