The Struggles of Growing a Beard

February 14, 2019

Having a beard is in vogue these days, and it seems the bigger the beard the more fashionable it’s considered. So how come every guy out there isn’t giving it his all to sprout hair from his face? Well, the first thing is that some people don’t want to. More importantly however, are the people who are trying to grow a beard but cannot. These are the brethren we intend to help, by letting them know how to grow a beard naturally at home.
First and foremost, before you even begin to grow a beard you need a face that can pull it off. By that, I don’t mean to say you need to have a certain face shape or structure. Nothing at all like that. By having a face that can pull it off, I mean making sure you have skin that is well taken care of.
This is a problem many men face as they dedicate themselves to growing a beard. They do everything right for their beard, except they don’t realize it emerges from the skin, and so they need to care for their skin before they can even care for their beard. Make sure to moisturize, make your none of your pores are blocked, and get an exfoliation. After doing all that, you should be in beard growing condition.
My Beard Isn’t _____ Enough
Here’s one thing that’ll never contribute to beard growth: complaining. Many men simply don’t keep a beard because they think it’s not thick enough, it’s not long enough, or they have missing patches that they think make them look like an animal that escaped the vet mid surgery.

Here’s the simple bold truth, and it is that every beard has issues. There’s not a single man out there who has another man out there, to whom he looks towards and curses, because he can’t grow a beard like the other man’s. It is for this reason you need to learn to persevere through the awkward stages. Time is what it takes, and if you don’t know perseverance then you’ll never know how to grow a beard naturally at home.
The Secret Sauce
The truth is, only those with the proper genetics can grow a beard. Many men simply haven’t had the gene that allows them to grow a beard passed down to them. This isn’t due to some malice towards them, it has just happened by chance. Those without this gene are the ones who only grow hints of wisps where their mustache should be, or have little hairs pointing out through their chin. Those without this gene are probably also the ones reading this.
The truth is, even you men who haven’t been blessed with the gene of beard growing, can grow beards. All you have to do is find an all natural organic product that won’t do you any harm. A product like Afida’s organic beard essential oil for men.
You might ask why you should stoop to using something supplemental to get you the beard of your dreams. Well, first thing first, because you’ll never be able to grow a beard without it. If you’re already reading this, it’s too late. So let's get to the second reason. The second reason you should use Afida’s beard oil is because it is made of all organic and natural ingredients. Rather than adding additives that will give you a short term boost and a long term curse, this beard oil just nourishes the skin beneath your beard and gives it the extra juices it’s missing to want to produce hair. At the end of the day, it’s a kind of magic you’ll never know unless you try.

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