The Food That Will Help You Grow Long And Healthy Hairs

April 10, 2019

Are your noticing more hairs in your comb then ever? Well, you’re not alone in that case. Although hair loss can be caused by stress, improper diet or some medical condition and maintaining healthy hair is more than just using right shampoos, conditioners or any other styling products.  Like most tissues present in your body, the state of your hair is closely associated with food you consume for hair growth and thickness.

As a matter of fact, utilizing a diet lacking the right nutrients can lead to hair loss.

On the other hand, eating food for hair growth and thickness can help promote hair growth, especially foods like eggs, carrots, spinach, yogurt, and avocados for hair growth. Don’t you forget spinach hair growth treatment is known to be the best particularly if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition?

Here are some food for hair growth and thickness you need;

1 - Eggs The Protein Provider:

A very wholesome food, eggs are a rich source of four major elements, zinc, sulfur, iron and selenium. All these elements are needed for hair growth and thickness. Deficiency of any of these elements will lead to a dry flaky scalp and frequent hair loss. Other sources of these rich elements are lean meat, oysters, and poultry.

2 - Iron Rich Spinach Hair Growth Treatment

Iron is a crucial mineral that your hair cells require. In fact, a deficiency of iron in the body may cause hair loss. When your body is running low on oxygen, iron, and nutrients are not properly transported to the hair roots and follicles adequately which can inhibit growth and make your strands weak.

If you are looking for the one best food for hair growth and thickness  than, without any doubt, you can go for spinach hair growth treatment that’s loaded with beneficial nutrients like iron, vitamins A, folate, and vitamins C, all of which may improve your hair growth


3 - Avocados For Hair Growth Treatment

Avocados are a great source of more than twenty vitamins and minerals including vitamins B, C, E and K, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, folic acid, beta-carotene, fiber, and magnesium.

 Incorporating Avocados for hair growth into your diet is one of the easiest ways to ensure your hair are well nourished and shines– it’s easily one of the best foods for hair growth.

Avocado for hair growth is a great source of Vitamin E and it is also rich in the heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.  The best way to incorporate avocados for hair growth is to your breakfast salad or to blend it into a glass of green smoothie.


4 - Yogurt Healthy Hair Treatment

For best you can treat your hair tissues is with Yogurt. Being loaded with calcium and Vitamin B5, it helps nourish your hair. Other dairy products like low skimmed milk, low-fat cheese, and cottage cheese mixed with yogurt help improve the health of hair follicles. No matter you want to apply yogurt directly on your hairs and skull or consumed internally in both cases it will be beneficial for your hair.

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