July 09, 2019

The Best Reasons to Use Beard Oil

All men who want to grow a beard will have heard of beard essential oil. The truth is, though using organic beard growth oil isn’t an absolute necessity to grow your beard, it can play a major beneficial role. Essential oils for beard growth are made from all different sorts of ingredients depending on where you get it from.

Let’s go over and break down or analyze what the best one on the market has to offer you.

Beard Length, Speed of Growth, Thickness

First and foremost, let’s address the issues for which people use essential oils for beard growth. Often times it has to do with the length of the beard, or the speed at which it’s growing, or the thickness of it. There are many variables which can lead to a man who is unsatisfied with his beard.

Beard Length

The issue of length is quite straightforward - most men do not have the patience to grow out their beards. Organic beard growth oil is a great aid in providing your beard with everything it needs to help it flourish. It’s as simple as that, and it also leads to the second factor, which is the speed of growth.

Speed of Growth

The speed of growth for beards is different for everyone, and there are a bunch of contributing factors for that. Some of those include the kinds of foods you eat- your nutrition. Also things like the amount of rest you get as well as the quality of rest. Finally, there are also external factors that affect how fast your beard grows - like the weather you’re a smoker or not.

External factors would also include stuff like essential oils for beard growth. As stated before, they can have an incredible impact on the way your beard grows by providing it with all the nutrients it needs, like watering a plant.


Finally, talking about thickness - thickness is like the combination of the previous two things we spoke about. Oftentimes people think that because their beard is “patchy” or that because their cheeks aren’t covered in hair follicles, they cannot grow a full beard.

That is just simply wrong. The thing is, the length of your beard and the speed at which it grows - if adjusted optimally, can make your beard look thick. It mostly just requires a lot of patience to let it grow wild and some great styling.

This is the area where beard essential oil would be of most help. Not only does having something like essential oil on your beard makes it look thicker and fuller just on its own, it will again feed your beard with everything it needs to make it flourish.

Afida’s Essential Beard Oil

This is the solution for any of your beard problems - the unbeatable remedy for growing your beard faster, longer, or thicker. The reason for this is because unlike any other beard essential oil, Afida’s Essential Beard Oil is a blended oil.

That means it’s made from a bunch of different ingredients which are all 100% organic. Let’s take a look at them, break them down, and see what exactly they do for you.

Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil is a great essential oil. It has many different functions which are great for your respiratory system - but today we’re talking about what it can do for your beard. See, another great effect of peppermint oil is that its cool sensation stimulates blood flow.

When peppermint oil is mixed in an organic beard growth oil and used on your beard, it is that blood flow stimulation that helps your beard perk up and grow. See, the more blood flow you can let go around your beard, the better it will grow. That’s also why smoking is so bad for people who want to grow beards, as it restricts blood flow - which in essence is food for your beard.

Frankincense Oil:

Frankincense oil is a little bit of a strange one. Unlike peppermint, it does not have as many direct impacts on your beard - but it is still a great thing to have in essential oils for beard growth. The reasons for this are the following.

Frankincense oil is great for the skin, and the skin is the soil on which the beard grows. If you thought about your beard as a plant, you’d quickly realize that plants can thrive easily when planted in good soil. That’s why Afida’s Beard Oil is going great because it covers you from all angles.

Not only does it help stimulate blood flow and provide necessary nutrients for your beard, but it also helps the skin on which your beard grows - for the benefit of both your skin and your beard! Finally, another great important effect of Frankincense oil on your beard will be that it’ll kill and clear all the bacteria off your beard.

This is incredibly important and beneficial because recent studies have shown that men’s beards can be dirtier than a dog’s coat. All that bacteria, besides being incredibly unhealthy, also hinders your beard from growing to its max potential.

Cedarwood Oil:

Here’s the main big ingredient that plays the most pivotal role in beard essential oils to help your beard grow. Cedarwood oil helps stimulate the hair follicles by increasing the blood circulation around your cheeks. On top of that, it also helps keep your beard and skin nice and moisturized - in order to fight away dryness which can cause major issues.

Along with all of that, cedarwood oil aids in many of the same roles and functions in the beard essential oil as previous ingredients. What this means is that it bolsters all the effects of the other ingredients even further. Because of this, you will be sure to feel every effect of the beard essential oil.

The Best Way to Use Afida’s Beard Oil

Now that you know exactly all the effects and the ingredients of Afida’s all organic essential Beard Blend Oil, you should be better prepared to know how to use it properly to help your beard flourish.

Whereas before you may have put it on only in the mornings, you can now see how this is a great solution to feed your beard at all times of the day. After a long day of work would be a perfect time to use some more, to rehydrate your beard but more importantly kill all the bacteria that want to fester in there.

Think about how many times throughout the day you wash your hands. It’s not just something you do once in the morning and hopes that it stays good for the rest of the day right? Of course not - that’s not the proper way to keep your hands clean.

In that same way if you want your beard to really flourish - and by that I mean REALLY flourish to the point where you can style it however you want, you have to take care of it just as well if not better.

Your beard is sensitive, and it needs all the support and encouragement it can get to grow long, thick, and strong. The best way to give it everything it needs is by nourishing it with Afida’s beard oil. All it takes is two weeks of trying it out and you’ll begin to believe in the change.

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