The Benefits Of Using Beard Oil

January 11, 2019

The Benefits Of Using Beard Oil

Men who have kept beards have often found themselves looking for an answer to the question of whether they should use beard essential oil?

Should they really be asking themselves this? Because to me if you have a beard, the debate should not be whether you use organic beard growth oil on your beard or not, it should be how often you should use it.
But why you should be doing it?
There are many benefits of using organic beard growth oil. If you are not regularly oiling your beard, it tends to become dry and you itchy. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. You also want to be oiling your beard to keep it moisturized so that you can prevent flaking, dryness, itchiness, and beardruff all at the same time.
What is beardruff?
As you can imply from the name, beardruff is dandruff that is formed on your beard. The same science is behind the formulation of beardruff.
If you are not regularly keeping the skin under your beard supplied with nutrients, it will eventually dry up and form flakes that nobody would like to have.
If you are keeping a beard, you want to keep it groomed and well groomed. Nobody would like to have a dry, flakey, shaggy beard. Think of it this way, if you had dandruff on your head, would you shave your hair off?
No, you would not. You would look for a solution. You would do what suits you. Similarly, when you get beardruff, you cannot simply shave it off, you should take care of it and using beard oil is the first step to keeping your beard well groomed.
When you’re going out, you want to smell nice. Therefore, you use different kinds of shampoos on your head to make them smell nice. So you can either use the same shampoo on your beard to make it smell nice, or you can take the game to the next level by starting to apply beard oil to it.

What this does is that it will serve two purposes.
Not only will it make it smell nice but also help to keep your beard looking moisturized and well groomed.
Another added benefit to using beard essential oil is that it helps you look good. I mean just imagine using having a beard that adds that style element to your game and beard oil can help you double up on those looks and style.
But how much beard oil should you actually be applying? Well, that totally depends on the length of your beard. If you have a long beard, the greater the need for beard oil so it’s basically proportional to the size and length of your beard.
When should you be applying it?
The most suitable time to apply organic beard growth oil is when you’ve cleaned it up. I think it’s best to do it after you’ve showered because that’s when the skin pores are open but make sure that oil and water do not mix.

Happy Bearding Folks

Happy Bearding Folks
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