How To Make Your Hair Grow Without It Being Too Much Fuss

January 11, 2019

How To Make Your Hair Grow Without It Being Too Much Fuss

Chopping off your hair or cutting it down a little is a moment that every woman regrets instantly. Immediately they look for essential hair growth oil or similar products to make the recovery process speed up. The panic and the desire to reverse the situation is immense. Women want to go back to their old hair, or they want it to grow back as quickly as possible.
 Some would even say that some women make it their mission to grow their hair back. They would go to any length to make it grow back faster. But is that good? I have seen women go to the huge lengths to grow their hair back even it means relying on products that might cause more harm than good.
 From what I know and have read that hair grows an average of 6 inches in a year. However, this number does not count the trims and minor adjustments you’re going to be getting throughout the year.


So once you've cut that hair down - like really chopped it off.

 It’s a situation that you are going to be stuck in for a while. There is no getting back to your original hair in a quick span of time because this is something natural and it will take its course.

 However, what you can do is not to rely on unnatural methods and products. Because even though these products might claim to make your hair grow faster, they are not healthy and are pretty damaging for your hair.

So what to do?

 Well, you can rely on good hair practices - something that is going to help you make your hair grow without it being too much of a fuss and also make them healthier - such as organic hair growth oil.

 One thing I have seen been overlooked my entire life is that sometimes we do not realize the connection between the health of our hair and the condition of our scalp. It needs to be treated in the same manner you would treat the rest of your skin. It needs to be taken care of to promote healthy hair.

 Emphasizing on the importance of your scalp, you must start to focus on reading the labels of the products you put on your hair. You don’t need products that cause inflammation in your hair and cause damage.

 Another thing you can start to do is that regularly start to apply essential hair growth oil from Afida on your head before going to bed. This will help to promote growth and also keep everything healthy up there.

 Other things that must take care of is your diet. You can start adding more protein to your diet and try going dairy and wheat free. All of these things in amalgamation play a vital role in the health of your hair.

Bonus Tip: Just be gentle with your hair. While you’re drying them, don’t overwash them. Adopt to healthier ways to promote healthy growth of your hair such as organic hair growth oil.

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