How to Get Luscious Long Eyelashes Without Surgery

February 26, 2019

It’s every girl’s dream to have healthy long eyelashes. They are the ultimate sign of beauty, because they are appreciated all around the world. Unfortunately it’s difficult to achieve such beauty without the use of cosmetic products that, in the long run, are damaging to our eyelashes. Some people take it further and get hair transplant surgery onto their eyelids to fill them up. Obviously that is a terrible idea.

The truth is, in order to grow your eyelashes naturally, you just need to pay attention to your daily habits closely. If you do not take this advice seriously, you interrupt your eyelash growth cycle. The next time you get an itch around your eye, be careful not to rub you entire eye. All you end up doing is crushing and tearing precious little eyelashes that’ll take forever to grow back. Another great nugget of advice is to wash your face every night before bed. Finally, you can also choose to eat food that is good for hair growth. Those include eggs, nuts, berries, avocados, spinach, fish and sweet potatoes.

Honestly, following all those methods will only get you so far. In order have extraordinarily beautiful eyelashes, you have to go beyond what is achievable by the human body alone. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t meaning doing something detrimental to yourself. All you need is some essential organic castor oil for eyelash growth.
Afida’s essential eyelashes oil can fulfill that role. It’s the best eyelash growth product on the market. It’s made entirely of natural and organic ingredients. The effects are noticeable only two weeks after you start applying it. After you begin to see the effects of the essential eyelashes oil alone, pairing with up with a bit of mascara will put your eyelashes in a league of their own. The magic of the oil doesn’t end there. This oil will also reduce the dark circles around your eyes until they completely disappear, and keep them at bay!

There you have it. In order to get long luscious eyelashes, you now know what you have to do. It all comes down to the little habits you form daily. First and foremost watch out for them and make sure you have them in order. That will get you to a point where once you use the essential eyelash oil, you will see results that will be beyond belief. If you’re going to follow these steps, be prepared to deal with everyone in your circle asking you how you managed to pull this off!

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