How I Stopped Losing Hair - Women's Hair Health

February 15, 2019

How I Stopped Losing Hair - Women's Hair Health

I’ll never forget that day, because I got so stressed. Immediately I started searching up things like thinning hair remedies on Google to figure out what I could do. It’s only later that I realized that I was on the wrong track because I had already failed to follow step 1: Don’t freak out.

The Beginning of the End

Let’s take a few steps back and start from the beginning. It getting towards the end of my exams, and I was under an incredible amount of stress. Because I was so stressed, I couldn’t do anything but study, even if every atom in my body was telling me to go to sleep. I hadn’t had a proper meal in over a week, living off of only cup ramen. I’m not even sure anymore how much weight I lost during that time, but it was significant.

The point of me telling you where it all started was to show you everything I was doing wrong. Just because I had some major events happening in my life all at the same time, I let go of my own health and wellbeing. That resulted in me starting to lose my hair. At first I thought it was just a little spot that I had never noticed before. Slowly but surely though, I could begin to see more and more of my scalp. There wasn’t any way for me to calm myself down at that point. I looked up thinning hair remedies but couldn’t find anything to help me.

How I Stopped

Regardless of how stressed you might feel, there will come a time when it’ll pass. That’s exactly what happened with me. When I was done with my exams and didn’t have as many hectic things going on all at once, I started to feel a bit better. Stress is one of the contributing factors to hair loss, and so I guess when that all went away my hair didn’t want to fall as much.

At the same time as the stress stopped, I also started getting better sleep. Again, talking about things that cause hair loss, hormonal imbalance is a huge contributor. Having a terrible sleeping schedule was definitely causing my hormones to go out of whack, and so when that all got sorted I started to see a major halt in hair thinning.

Throughout getting my sleep and stress in check, I also started eating better. We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat.” I was definitely eating better, which means I was also better. It genuinely felt like it as well. My hair loss had totally stopped.


What came next is really the worthwhile bit. For the few weeks after my hair loss had halted, I had to do my hair in certain ways as to cover up the bald spot that I had. It wasn’t huge as if it covered a quarter of my head or anything, but there was definitely a coin sized patch that wasn’t there anymore. It also didn’t seem to show any signs of returning.

Eventually I confided in someone close to me, my mother. She explained to me that what was happening was to be expected with the lifestyle I had - no sleep, no nutrients, hormones bouncing off the walls. She also said that she was happy that I had pulled through the worst point.

What my mother did next, is give me the greatest gift she has ever given me next to my own life. She got me a bottle of Afida’s Organic Essential Hair Growth Oil. As soon as I started using it I began feeling results, but they were miniscule and I didn’t want to get my hopes up, just to have them come crashing down again. However, after using it daily for two weeks straight, I could’ve sworn I started to see a difference.

In 4 weeks time, I knew that I had made a dent. The hair that was missing was either slowly recovering, or being completely covered up by the thick shafts of all the other hair I had. At this point I was so confident my hair was going to recover fully, I decided to stop worrying about it altogether. Instead, I focused on how amazing my hair had gotten.

Every individual hair seemed to be thicker and shinier than before. I also had zero problems with split ends or frizzy hair. It seemed that I hadn’t just been given my hair back, rather I had gotten something better than before. It is for this reason no matter where I go I’ll always bring a bottle of Afida’s organic essential hair growth oil. When I was frantically looking for thinning hair remedies, who would’ve ever thought that this is all I’d ever need.

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