How Holistic Health Can Transform Your Life - Essential Oils

February 07, 2019

How Holistic Health Can Transform Your Life - Essential Oils

Introduction to Holistic Medicine

Surely you will have heard of the concept of holistic medicine. In case you’re unaware, holistic medicine is the concept of treating the entire body, mind and soul when trying to get rid of an ailment. In contrast to contemporary medicine, the idea of holistic medicine is one that is usually looked down upon by many people. The reason its reputation has been stained is because of people like Steve Jobs, who relied on holistic treatments to treat his cancer, which was otherwise totally operable.

So now that you understand why holistic treatments have a bad rep, let me explain to you why that’s also a complete misconception. The truth is that holistic medicines have been used by humans for millennia. It was the 4th century BC when Hippocrates stressed the importance of nature, and the self-healing efforts of the body. He believed it to be the best way for human beings to recover from injuries or ailments.

The Purpose Of Holistic Medicine

Today, those who are true to holistic medicine realist what its purposes are. Holistic medicine can be thought of as the magical cure to our day to day ailments. For example, if you have a patch of dryness on your skin, seeking out some traditional contemporary medicine to solve that issue is most likely not a good idea. Most of the methods to treat something like dry skin pushed by pharmaceutical companies are just overkill. It’s like dropping a hydrogen bomb on a gas station robbery.

Approaching the same issue of dry skin paints a totally different picture when using holistic medicine. Instead of using something overkill, you have a variety of options to choose from in how to treat your skin. One of the most popular holistic health tools are essential oils, made by Afida. There are so many of them, all with various benefits. Many of them are great for your skin, such as Afida’s rose geranium oil, cedar wood oil, or frankincense oil. They all also have miraculous results that differ when applied aromatically or topically.

Keeping on with the example of essential oils to explain holistic health, take a few more examples: body aches, pains, and migraines. All of these issues, when dealt with traditional medicine, require so much. Not only do you have to go to the doctor to prove that you indeed are suffering, then you are given an illegible piece of paper and treated like a dog to go fetch whichever drug your body so desperately needs to feel better. That drug can only help for so long, however, because your body builds up a tolerance. But if you take too long in between your last dose and your next, your tolerance can fall which can end up in a terrible reaction. These are only a few of the hoops you need to jump through whenever you’re trying to get well with traditional medicine.

However, taking the same example of and body aches, pains and migraines and comparing the treatment for them to Afida’s essential oils is night and day. It’s just as simple as mixing one of the concentrated essential oils that is used for pains, such as cypress oil, with some carrier oil and then applying it to whatever area of the body needs to get better. This same application method is what will solve almost anything that frequently ails you. Every oil made by Afida also has a bunch of separate benefits when used aromatically. For example, you can clear up your respiratory system, or get a quick whiff and find complete calmness and serenity for a short period of time. It’s really as simple as that.

This is the difference between proper holistic health, and traditional contemporary medicine. The difference is night and day. One involves gently nudging your body towards the healing path, whilst the other is a bombardment of your body with drugs that are completely synthetic and could kill you if taken in enough quantities. Clearly, there is a victor when trying to find something to support your daily life. That victor is holistic medicine, such as the variety of essential oils offered by Afida that solve a wide range of issues faced by millions daily.

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