Home Remedies for Hair Growth and Thickness

April 29, 2019

Home Remedies for Hair Growth and Thickness

Are you looking for homemade tips for faster hair growth? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in case that’s how you feel. In fact, you should feel good that you’re being proactive rather than just letting your youthful hair wither away.

See the thing is, none of us are immune from hair loss. We would like to believe the opposite, but time proves almost all of us wrong eventually. For some unfortunate souls, hair loss doesn’t even wait until they’re old to kick in. They start losing their hair before their time, which is a true nightmare.  How can one address such an issue?

Why Homemade Tips are Better

The answer to that question is by using homemade solutions. See, most of the treatments available for hair loss are insanely priced, while at the same time being totally worthless. How could something like that ever even be the case? Well instead of looking for homemade tips for faster hair growth, here’s what they do.

As technology and medicine reached a certain point in the late 20th century, people began to believe that they could get hair removed from one part of their body and then added onto the parts of their head that are missing hair. If this treatment seems to tame for you, let me tell you about something truly terrible.

Another barbaric and horrific procedure people started getting around the end of the 20th century is known as the “Scalp Stretch” procedure. In this procedure that sounds like it’s a method of torture from the dark ages, surgeons cut the parts of the scalp that couldn’t grow hair and stretched the parts that could over the parts that were removed. This way, you would look… better? Supposedly. This is why homemade tips for hair growth faster are better.

What Kind of Homemade Tips

What kinds of homemade tips for hair growth faster is better than getting your scalp sliced up? Well, first of all, consider this. Your hair is like the grass in a garden. When it’s not taken care of well, it will thin out and die. If you water it, it might be salvaged, or it might not. The only real way of saving your grass would be by filling the soil with nutrients.

Just as grass takes nutrients from the soil, similarly your body provides nutrients to your hair in order for it to grow. You need to make sure your hair gets the proper things it needs to grow like iron, all the vitamins, biotin, protein, and much much more. Eating all those foods will keep your hair game going strong for a long long time.

Is That Enough? If not, try Afida’s Hair Oil

Still, eventually, we all get old. Eventually, our hair requires too much upkeep for homemade tips for faster hair growth to be of any help. When you get to that point, the only thing that can be your savior is Afida’s hair oil. Afida’s natural organic hair oil is a blend of many different essential oils, all extracted using methods that ensure the highest quality yield. Just 2 weeks of using the hair oil will begin to show results. Get some now to see for yourself!

Grab a hold of your youth again with Afida, and never let go.

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