Essential Secrets to Living a Healthy Stress-Free Life

February 14, 2019

Essential Secrets to Living a Healthy Stress-Free Life

Can you imagine what percentage of the human population lives a healthy, genuinely sober life? Forget all the people who fell victim to drug addiction who come to mind immediately when a question like that is asked. There are hundreds of millions of others on ritalin, xanax, percocets, and on top of there are billions on inorganic caffeine and similar additives. All of these people are supporting themselves with drugs they take every day, in order to get through the day. It would be better if instead they could be offered something better, like everyday essential oils, so they wouldn’t have to use such harsh medication on themselves.



Essential Oils vs Pharmaceutical Drugs

Instead of comparing a set of essential oils to some pharmaceutical drug that is used for essentially the same purpose, I will instead just explain to you the large variety of essential oils that are available, and along with how versatile each of them is as well. In this way, you will truly see how everyday essential oils are in fact a far superior solution for the day to day ailments we face because pharmaceuticals have terrible side effects for long term use.

Combating Stresses and Anxieties

First and foremost, let's talk about all the oils that can help you clear your mind, let go of stress, or bring you some tranquility. Rose geranium oil, clary sage oil, rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, and lavender oil. All five of the oils have their own unique aroma that delivers to your brain, anything it would expect from a pharmaceutical like xanax. The ability to relax, clear your mind away from the world, or wipe the world away from your mind, and act without being controlled by anxiety. Most people who begin using pharmaceuticals they think that there’s no other way to get the same relief, however that’s just them being misguided and becoming dependant on other means to alleviate suffering.

Combating Pains

Next come essential oils that are perfect for dealing with pain. These are the kinds you would apply daily along your back, or your joints, or on your head to get rid of aches that range from dull to debilitating. Rather than causing you to become addicted like every other modern day opiate, these just fix you and let you be. These oils are lavender oil, clary sage oil, cypress oil, lemongrass oil and rosemary oil.

Some of those oils you might have heard about before, however that doesn’t mean you know everything they have to offer. When applied topically, these oils can alleviate pains that have plagued people for years. Anything from headaches, joint aches, menstrual cramps and aches - all the way down to simple old fashioned back pain. These everyday essential oils can handle all these problems without a hitch, and without burdening you with lightheadedness or nausea or any other symptoms you get from regular pharmaceutical painkillers.


Though Afida offers a lot more essential oils than the ones listed just here, these ones cover our bases just fine. Other oils like Ylang Ylang oil can have great supplemental benefits. However, these were just everyday essential oils used in order to ease the suffering felt by so many people on a daily basis.

These oils also respond act at the correct capacity to the corresponding problem. This is to say that you’ll never feel the same negative effects of taking a higher dose than you should’ve, for example, with opiates which would leave you feeling like a puddle of water. Instead, the oils will work only as well as they need to, and then just leave you be.

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