Beard Growth Boost: Becoming a Man

February 11, 2019

Beard Growth Boost: Becoming a Man

The ability to grow a beard is something hoped for by every boy. Unfortunately, many of them don’t ever get the opportunity, simply because they’re not able. Being able to grow a beard seems to be a genetic trait that if you don’t have, you’re just left out on all the fun. It’s not like it’s just bearded men and clean faced men in this world though. Turns out majority of the men out there are somewhere in the middle, where they are just out of reach of a full beard they can brag to their friends about.

To those men out there who are struggling, your struggles are about to pay off. If you can already grow a bit of hair on your face, you’re on the right track. Your hand will be held by us through the rest of the journey on learning how to boost beard growth.
The First Step: Patience
First thing first: patience is key. When trying to grow a beard, one of the main problems so many men face doesn’t have anything to do with their beard. Their problem becomes themselves, because they do not have the patience to wait long enough to grow out their beard. They wait just two or three weeks, at best a month, and when they’re not satisfied with what they have they just shave it off. That’s the most counterproductive thing you could do.
The first step with growing a beard is always patience. When you wait longer than a month, say a month and a half or three full months, that’s when you really get to see what you have to work with. After that you can decide to shave it all away if you don’t think the look suits you, or you can’t come up with a style you like, or you still think your beard isn’t full enough to be on your face.

Trimming the Hedges
After you have something resembling a tangled up mess on your face, you’ll know you have succeeded with step one. Next, though it might sound a little counterintuitive, comes trimming. The reason you’re trimming now is to get your beard nice and neat, and into a shape that matches your face. You should wait to trim until you have too much hair; also because you can always cut it shorter, but growing it back takes time. When you’re beginning with more hair than you need, it’s also easier setting in a specific style, and you have more styles to choose from at the beginning as well.
Congratulations! Not only do you now have a beard, but you also have it styled and trimmed to make you look sharp. A lot of men think that that is the end of their journey, but in all honesty that is just the beginning. After you have a full beard, you have to maintain it. Beard maintenance isn’t something that a lot of guys are fans of, but it’s a necessary evil to stop you from looking like a caveman.
The first two steps of beard maintenance are simple enough. First and foremost, keep your beard neat and tidy by cutting it down to size every couple of weeks. Make sure to not take off too much, otherwise you’ll have ruined the fruits of your labor in a matter of seconds. This step is just to maintain your style.
The next part of beard maintenance is a two part procedure. Wash and comb! Washing your beard is simple enough. Don’t use water that’s too hot, don’t use products to wash your beard unless they’re made to wash beards. If you don’t have one of those, because really who cares, just use some shampoo once every 3 or 4 days. Besides that, beards, just like your hair, can be combed. Not only CAN they be combed, they SHOULD be combed. Combing your beard stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, which in turn makes them grow faster and healthier. This is great for growing your beard, and also styling it. Your beard will always look fuller and neater after it is combed.

The Holy Grail of Booming Beards: Beard Oil
Finally, we are on the last step of booming your beard growth, and also on beard maintenance. This is the last step, but by no means is it the least important. The holy grail of beard growth is known as Afida’s organic beard oil. Afida’s organic beard oil is made up of 100% natural ingredients, so your beard doesn’t absorb all those synthetic chemicals that are terrible for it. It’s made from oils like castor oil and cedarwood oil, which will nourish your hair follicles and make them grow thicker from the root. Your beard will smell nice, and look fuller.
Finally, this beard oil by Afida has a lot more benefits than just growing your beard better. At the same time you’re using it for your beard, this oil has a variety of benefits for your face such as killing bacteria and cleaning your face, curing acne and preventing pimples, keeping the skin moisturized with a soft glow, and reducing scarring and dark spots on your face.
For anybody who’s dedicated to growing a beard, getting a beard oil is a no brainier. However, what requires some brains is remembering to pick Afida’s organic beard oil in order to get the best results, and in order to take good care of your beard, as if it were your baby.

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