September 11, 2019

5 Natural Ways To Promote Long And Healthy Eyelashes

Growing natural eyelashes can often be troublesome, trying to get them thick and long enough could take ages. There are many methods online that give you results but they either don’t work or simply take too long. If you really want to find an effective and natural way to grow eyelashes try these 5 tips to grow your eyelashes to the fullest.

By the way, there’s another completely natural way to grow your eyelashes if you’re just not into spending all that time and effort. Maybe you already have and it didn’t yield the results you were looking for? If that’s the case then you should try Afida’s Eyelash Oil - it can really do wonders for you.

The Iconic & Indestructible Method

One of the most known methods for growing any type of hair is coconut oil. This method has worked for thousands of people across the world and is known almost universally. If you dedicate yourself to putting coconut oil on your lashes every night by putting it along your lower and upper lash lines, you will have thick and long lashes in no time.

Another thing that works maybe even better than coconut oil is castor oil. It is said to darken your eyelashes, and well as increase their thickness. Both of these things work together to make them look more prominent. By the way, castor oil is a part of the Eyelash blend oil offered by Afida.

Just Brush Away the Problems

Something almost everyone forgets to do is combing. Combing your eyelashes is essential to keeping it clean and helping it grow full and healthy. By brushing your eyelashes you’re not online cleaning your eyelashes, but you are allowing your blood flow to increase on that certain area which is able to stimulate your eyelash growth.

Increasing blood flow is a major hack for hair growth, it can work for pretty much any hair on any part of your body. For example, if you had a beard - massaging it would stimulate the hair follicles by sending a lot of blood their way. The all-natural castor oil found in Afida’s eyelash blend oil works well with the (also natural) almond and lavender oils to stimulate blood flow the exact same way.

A Healthy Diet is a Healthy Life

Your diet is key to a healthy life. To truly grow natural eyelashes you need to follow natural methods. Simply maintaining a diet with high amounts of the vegetable can do wonders for your all natural eyelashes. Without maintaining a consistent diet with the proper supplements your eyelashes will only struggle to grow.

Vitamins are truly the key!

Vitamins are consistent within our foods, but sometimes we just don’t get enough due to bad diet practices. Getting extra vitamins for the day like Vitamin E can bring miraculous results and strengthen your eyelashes beyond expectations. Each vitamin has a different purpose for your eyelashes, it’s recommended to know of each one!

Hold Yourself Back Darling

Lastly, this one might be the hardest of all. Restrict yourself from applying makeup every day! Your eyelashes need to breathe, covering it in eyeliner or fake lashes can cause severe damage over time - seriously glue is horrible for the health of your eyelashes. Try applying less makeup or none at all and watch the magic happens as you find the natural way to grow eyelashes.

Remember, to truly grow your natural eyelashes it takes time and dedication. Without it, your eyelashes wouldn’t go anywhere as they only work when you do. Even if it takes months to get those perfect natural lashes it will all be worth it in the end for the marvelous eyelash results!

In case you don’t want to, or can’t dedicate months to bring up your eyelash game - you can also try Afida’s Eyelash blend oil. It’s made 100% organically so that you don’t get harmed by any nasty additives or preservatives, and you only have to use it for 2 weeks to see its effects!

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